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Every other week, Bellingham DUI Attorney Jonathan Rands speaks with Dillon Honcoop (formerly with Tracy Ellis) on AM 790 KGMI's "The Legal Docket". Attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillon and Tracy discuss everything DUI such as: What to do if you are stopped by the police for drinking and driving; The consequences of being convicted for DUI; The difference between a DWI and DUI; Alcohol DUI versus Drug DUI; The penalties of DUI; What to do if you are pulled over for suspicion for DUI; How to choose a DUI Lawyer that is right for you; as well as Recent cases that impact DUI and more.

The Scoop on Ignition Interlock Devices

What's the story with ignition interlock devices? Well, like most things law, it depends. Not only can courts order them as a part of pretrial or post-trial convictions, the DoL also requires them to get your license reinstated. Find out all the gritty details in this episode of the Legal Docket with Dillon Honcoop and DUI attorney Jonathan Rands.

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Up Close and Personal: What It's Like to be a DUI Attorney

In response to a recent blog post by a fellow attorney, DUI attorney Jonathan Rands talks with Dillon Honcoop about what it's really like to be a criminal defense lawyer and how the stress of his job affects his personal life, especially when the case may not get the outcome everyone hopes for.

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Field Sobriety Test. It's a seizure, but is it also a search?

Are field sobriety tests considered searches? What happens if the toxicologist who had a hand in the solution used during your breath test doesn't show up to testify in court? Can an officer watching a drug house stop and search you after seeing you enter an exit the house? DUI Attorney Jonathan Rands and KGMI's Dillon Honcoop discuss three recent cases that cover these questions. Listen to the podcast to hear the courts' decisions and how it might affect you.

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It's Memorial Weekend, Which Means More Cars and More Cops on the Road

Memorial Day—the unofficial start of summer in the U.S. It means higher gas prices, more cars on the road and an increased awareness around public safety campaigns such as the left lane camping, click it or ticket, and DUI. This weekend DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop talk statistics, traffic law and Dillon's speeding ticket. 

Marijuana and Roadside Tests. Scientific or Anecdotal?

Marijuana. The State needs a way to regulate it, but is treating it the same way as alcohol by creating an arbitrary limit and using the same roadside test the best way to go about it? There have been countless studies that show that people become affect by alcohol at 0.08, but can we say the same for 5ng of marijuana? DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss the different ways the roadside tests are designed to make you fail.

Deferred Prosecution: When is it the right course of action?

Deferred prosecutions, in it's most basic definition, is a program that you enter after being charged with a DUI where you exchange treatment and good behavior for a dismissal of a DUI charge. The caveat, as of 1999, you can only do it once in a lifetime, and the evaluator has to determine you suffer from the disease of alcoholism. DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss when you might want to take this course of action and what that would look like for your case.

The Devastating Effects of Immigration Status Due to a DUI Arrest

A DUI conviction, or being accused of driving under the influence, can be so much more devastating to someone who is a legal immigrant to the US rather than a citizen. Immigration laws in this country are precarious, and Immigration can decide to deport someone here on a green card if they find you're not complying with the law. Not only that, a DUI charge can prevent someone from even being able to cross the Canadian border. DUI attorney and brand new citizen of the US, Jonathan Rands and Dillon Honcoop discuss immigration laws with regards to DUI.

Is the Current "Left Lane Camping" Really Another DUI Campaign?

A large percentage of the time, a DUI violation starts as a traffic infraction, such as left lane camping, or driving in the left lane for too time. Let's be honest, we can be lazy about our driving, and when we are, especially at night, traffic enforcers use our laziness as red flags for DUI and Reckless Driving stops. A new campaign in Whatcom County is focusing on left-hand lane campers to remind drivers that we should all keep right except to pass.


How DUI Arrests are Contributing to Overcrowding in Whatcom County Jail

The Whatcom County Jail is overcrowded, but solutions to fix it have not been forthcoming. The DUI realm is contributing to that by being the only county in the state to have mandatory booking for a first offense, and if you're booked into jail on Friday, you don't see a judge until Sunday.

The point behind the law was to prevent an offender from immediately turning around and driving again. However, there is a mandatory impound law as well, so why does a person also need to be booked? DUI attorney Jonathan Rands and Dillion Honcoop discuss some statistics and how space can be saved in the jail.

A New Medical Marijuana Patient Registry to Start July of 2016

Medical marijuana laws are changing. Effective July 1, 2016, anyone who owns a dispensary will need to require patients to register. And if a patient will not register voluntarily, the dispensary will have to do it for them. Not only that, but medical marijuana patients as part of this registry will also have to disclose vehicle titles and license plates. And it doesn't stop there. All law enforcement officers will have access to medical marijuana patients registration numbers and names via license plates. There is great potential for misuse of this information under the guise of DUI enforcement.

Washington man charged with vehicular assault and felony hit and run

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the case of John R. Owens, a man facing charges of vehicular assault and felony hit and run in Bellingham, Washington. Owens is responsible for causing and leaving the scene of a car accident, which seriously injured another driver. Owens was released from jail on a $5,000 bond a week after his arrest and the community has been vocal about their animosity toward the situation. 

Drive smart this holiday season

The holiday season is a very busy time of the year. Due to the increase in the amount of public events, social gatherings, and commercial shopping, there is an influx of traffic on the roadways, which requires a greater law enforcement presence. Consequently, the rate of DUI's is higher during this period of time. This week, Jonathan Rands discusses driving smarter during the holidays

Probation: The Facts

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the period of probation following a guilty DUI offense and the mandatory conditions associated with it.

Marijuana and Driving: The rise in traffic accidents

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses a newly released state report on traffic deaths. The report concludes that since the legalization of marijuana, the leading cause of traffic deaths is due to drivers under the influence of marijuana.

Driving Under the Influence: A Marijuana Breathalyzer?

This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the research that is being conducted by Washington State University on the use of a breathalyzer in order to confirm if a person is driving while under the influence of Marijuana.  Currently, it is stated that the breathalyzer will test for an indication of THC, but it will not test the amount of THC in a persons body.  Due to the fact that the level of THC will not be tested, there is question on how to decipher if a persons ability to drive is impaired. 

DUI Physical Control Law: What you should know

Many people assume that pulling off to the side of the road to rest when you have been drinking is a safe alternative to driving under the influence and also eliminates the chance of being charged with a DUI. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate assumption. This week, Bellingham DUI attorney, Jonathan Rands, discusses the conditions of the physical control law. 

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